Bridge Blast: Army Destroys Collapsed Section in Baltimore’s Emergency Operation

Baltimore, Maryland – A controlled explosion was conducted by the army to demolish a collapsed section of the Baltimore bridge. The incident took place following a major collapse that resulted in a large section of the bridge falling into the water below. Authorities overseeing the operation explained that the controlled explosion was necessary to ensure … Read more

Cleanup of Collapsed Baltimore Bridge Includes Controlled Explosions in Effort to Clear Debris

Baltimore, Maryland – Controlled explosions were carried out on a collapsed bridge in Baltimore as part of the cleanup efforts. The bridge, which had collapsed due to unknown reasons, required extensive cleanup to ensure the safety of the area. The controlled explosions were conducted to remove debris and expedite the cleanup process. The cleanup operation … Read more

BRIDGE EXPLOSION DEMOLISHES DALI: Millions of pounds of Key Bridge debris destroyed in controlled blast

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A controlled explosion was carried out on the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Monday evening, resulting in the collapse of a section of the bridge onto the Patapsco River. The detonation, which took place at 5:01 p.m., involved approximately 50 small explosives that sliced the steel structure into pieces, with many of … Read more

Bridge Breakdown: Explosives Used to Clear Wreckage in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland – The controlled demolition of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore reached a crucial phase on Monday as crews strategically detonated explosives to remove the largest remaining span. With a dramatic boom and splash, the twisted steel trusses plunged into the river below, marking a significant development in the operation to … Read more

Bridge Demolition: Dramatic Controlled Explosion in Baltimore captured on NBC Nightly News

Baltimore, Maryland – The city of Baltimore recently made headlines as a section of a bridge was brought down in a controlled explosion. The demolition of the Baltimore bridge was a carefully planned event conducted to accommodate ongoing construction and renovation projects in the area. The controlled explosion was executed to remove a specific part … Read more

Bridge Blast: Francis Scott Key Bridge Steel Demolition Frees Dali Container Ship

BALTIMORE, Maryland — In a significant step towards reopening the port’s busy shipping channel, crews conducted a controlled demolition of the largest remaining steel span of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. The demolition, which took place Monday evening, involved explosives that quickly brought down the span into the water, releasing a cloud of black … Read more

Explosives to be Used in Removing Key Bridge Section from Patapsco River

Baltimore, Maryland – The Key Bridge Response Unified Command in Baltimore is strategically planning to utilize controlled explosives to assist in the removal of a significant portion of the Francis Scott Key Bridge that is currently perched atop the M/V DALI in the Patapsco River, as detailed in a recent communication from the Unified Command. … Read more

Explosive Key Bridge Precision Cuts Postponed Due to Weather and Safety Concerns

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The planned explosive precision cuts to remove the remaining portion of the Key Bridge atop the Dali cargo ship have been postponed due to environmental factors and safety concerns. Unified Command has decided to reschedule the demolition to Monday evening to ensure the safety of crew members aboard the ship during the … Read more

Bridge Collapse Devastation: Crews to Use Explosives for Cleanup Efforts in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland – A plan to use small explosives to break apart a massive chunk of the collapsed Baltimore bridge is set to move forward on Sunday. The controlled demolition was initially scheduled for Saturday but was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. The demolition is aimed at removing debris to free the 213-million-pound cargo … Read more

Demolition Scheduled to Remove Collapsed Maryland Bridge from Dali Ship

Baltimore, Maryland – A controlled demolition is set to take place to dismantle the largest remaining section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed on March 26 after being struck by a massive container ship. The collapse resulted in the deaths of six roadworkers, all Latino immigrants who were working on overnight road repairs … Read more