Obsession Leads to Violent Attack – Man Jailed for Four Years

Yarm, United Kingdom – A man has been sentenced to four years in prison for launching a violent attack on his ex-girlfriend’s new partner. Jordan Kelly, 23, was reportedly intoxicated and armed with a knife when he went on a rampage at a block of flats in Yarm, where his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend resided, as disclosed at the Teesside Crown Court.

During the incident, Kelly was described as being in a “screaming rage,” making multiple death threats, punching, and biting the man. The court heard that Kelly admitted to offenses including assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutors revealed that Kelly had been in a relationship with the woman for about seven years until it ended in July 2023. The relationship was characterized as “controlling and mentally abusive,” with Kelly allegedly threatening the woman with a knife as a form of manipulation.

On 8th September, Kelly confronted his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at his flat, where he expressed his anger towards the man, leading to a violent altercation. During the confrontation, Kelly reportedly made threats to kill the couple and himself, brandished a knife against the man’s throat, punched him repeatedly, and made disturbing statements indicating a deep obsession with his ex-girlfriend.

Following his arrest, Kelly continued to display violent behavior by pushing a police officer against a wall and attempting to kick him. The prosecutor detailed that Kelly was “screaming with rage” throughout the ordeal, requiring the use of incapacitant spray to subdue him.

At the hospital, Kelly declared his intention to stab the couple, prompting fears of further violence. The male victim expressed genuine concern for his safety, recounting injuries sustained during the attack, including vision impairment in one eye for three weeks.

Kelly’s ex-partner described him as “obsessed” and instilled fear in her, leading to a restraining order being issued for both victims. The judge presiding over the case condemned the attack as “prolonged and persistent,” involving a “highly dangerous weapon,” before sentencing Kelly to prison.