Explosion Survivor Shares Traumatic Experience and Recovery Journey

Bath Settlement, Region Five, Guyana – Following the devastating boiler explosion at Hack Rice Mill, another survivor has come forward to share the harrowing details of his experience. Sukra Harrygobin, a 25-year-old resident of Bath Settlement, had to undergo an amputation at the ankle as a result of the incident. Recounting the events, Harrygobin revealed that he was recently discharged from Balwant Singh Hospital and faces a long road to recovery, expecting to be bedridden for six months before he can resume work.

Unable to recall the exact moment of the explosion, Harrygobin described hearing a deafening sound followed by the impact of debris hitting him. As he grapples with his injuries and physical limitations, he expressed optimism that his employer would provide compensation for his inability to work. Despite his current immobility, Harrygobin remains hopeful that reaching out to his employer will lead to the support he needs during his recovery period.

Reflecting on the day of the incident, Harrygobin recalled being stationed at one section of the boiler while a coworker operated another nearby. The sudden explosion not only left him injured but also created a state of shock and confusion. Struggling to make sense of the situation, he emphasized the numbness he felt in his foot as he was swiftly rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The aftermath of the boiler explosion has left Harrygobin not only grappling with physical pain but also facing uncertainty about his future livelihood. With his inability to work and the extended recovery period ahead, he is forced to confront the challenges of navigating through this difficult time. Despite the hurdles he faces, Harrygobin remains determined to recover and seek the assistance he needs to move forward. The impact of the explosion continues to reverberate through his life, underscoring the urgent need for support and solutions in the aftermath of such tragic events.