Mother Killer Sentenced to Death in Niger State Court

Niger State, Nigeria – A middleaged man, Stephen Jiya, has been convicted and sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of his mother, Mrs. Comfort Jiya, a former Principal in Niger State, Nigeria. The tragic incident occurred when Comfort was set ablaze in her kitchen at her residence in Darusalam Area of Minna. Stephen, described as a drug addict, poured petrol on his mother before lighting her on fire. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Comfort succumbed to her injuries, leading to Stephen’s arrest and confession to the crime. He claimed that his mother often interfered in his marital affairs, leading to the tragic act.

Following his arrest, Stephen was arraigned before a magistrate court and later charged with culpable homicide under Section 221 of the penal code law, which carries a death penalty if found guilty. The case proceeded to trial, and the Chief Judge of Niger State, Justice Halima Ibrahim Abdulmalik, found Jiya guilty based on the evidence presented and testimonies of prosecuting witnesses. Despite his plea for mercy, the judge delivered the sentence of death by hanging, electrocution, execution, or lethal injection.

The tragic murder of Mrs. Comfort Jiya has left the community in shock and raised concerns about drug addiction and mental health in the region. The case also highlights the importance of timely legal proceedings and the enforcement of justice in cases of heinous crimes. The family and community members impacted by this devastating loss are left grappling with the aftermath, seeking solace and closure.

In conclusion, the conviction and sentencing of Stephen Jiya for the murder of his mother, Mrs. Comfort Jiya, has brought the tragic case to a legal conclusion. The profound impact of this crime on the community and the pursuit of justice serves as a stark reminder of the need for societal support and awareness of mental health and addiction issues.