Man Arrested in Arkansas for Alleged Murder of Co-Worker in Maine Liquor Store

WATERVILLE, Maine – A 20-year-old man from Maine was apprehended in Arkansas over the weekend for allegedly murdering a 52-year-old woman at the liquor store where they were both employed. Spridal Hubiak was found and arrested on Sunday, charged with the murder of Angela Bragg, announced the authorities.

Maine State Police and the Waterville Police Department responded to a call about a deceased body at Damon’s Beverage Waterville on Jefferson Street. An employee at the store reported finding their coworker dead inside. Upon arrival, first responders discovered Bragg, who appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds. The Maine State Police’s Major Crimes Unit was then called in to investigate the murder.

The Office of Chief Medical Examiner in Augusta, Maine determined that Bragg’s cause of death was a homicide due to sharp force injury. Following the autopsy, investigators quickly identified Hubiak as a person of interest and issued a warrant for his arrest.

After fleeing the state, Hubiak was spotted by an officer with the Flippin Police Department in Arkansas. A chase ensued, with Hubiak ultimately being found sleeping inside his vehicle in a parking lot. The pursuit continued until Hubiak pulled into a local private business, where a Boone County deputy discharged their weapon, injuring him. He was transported to a medical facility in Missouri, and is expected to survive.

Bragg’s daughter posted a heartfelt message to social media, expressing her disbelief at Hubiak’s alleged actions, stating, “My mother took you under her wing like a son…All for you to take her life and leave her there alone at night.”

The tragic incident has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of Angela Bragg. Spridal Hubiak remains in custody and is expected to face charges in connection with the murder.