Maine Legislators Address Gun Reform in Wake of Lewiston Mass Shooting

AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine lawmakers returned to the State House with the recent tragic mass shootings in Lewiston at the forefront of their minds. The discussions on potential policy surrounding gun control have been a major focus as the legislative session begins.

House Majority Leader Rep. Maureen Terry mentioned that there are ongoing conversations about red flag laws and other potential measures, reflecting the different perspectives on gun reform legislation. The table is open for representatives to share their priorities as they navigate through these discussions.

It was noted that some proposals from different caucuses are still being deliberated, with all types of gun policy considered. However, this has also led to varying opinions from different party leaders. House Minority Leader Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham highlighted the need to focus on mental health reform as a possible solution, while also emphasizing the need to reassess hospital protocols for releasing individuals with mental health issues.

In light of the recent tragic events in Lewiston, discussions are being held on various policy ideas, including the possibility of allowing individuals to put themselves on a “do not buy” list for gun shops. Although there is a willingness to examine adjustments to the state’s yellow flag law, it is likely that intense debates around gun reform will dominate the upcoming legislative session.

The legislative session is set to include discussions on gun reform, with varying perspectives and proposals on the table. Despite differing opinions and party divisions, the impact of the Lewiston mass shootings is evident as lawmakers seek to address the issue of gun control policy in Maine.