Backlash Erupts After Tom Sandoval Posts Photos with Captive Tiger in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – Reality TV star Tom Sandoval is facing backlash after sharing photos and videos of himself meeting a tiger at a sanctuary in Thailand. The 40-year-old celebrity, known for his role in Vanderpump Rules, posted on his Instagram Story a video of him posing with the captive apex predator balancing on his back.

In addition to the tiger encounter, Sandoval also shared clips of a boat ride and enjoying piƱa coladas with friends. He is currently on a trip to Thailand with his costar Tom Schwartz and celebrity jewelry designer Kyle Chan.

Later in the day, Sandoval updated his 955 thousand followers on his New Year’s getaway and posted a daring clip of himself feeding a piece of raw chicken to a tiger. However, the social media responses were not all positive. Many criticized Sandoval for visiting a captive tiger and accused him of supporting animal exploitation and abuse.

The controversial post came just a week after Sandoval issued a public service announcement advising fans against infidelity, despite his previous actions and involvement in drama. The new season of Vanderpump Rules is set to premiere on January 30th.

Tom Sandoval’s visit to the tiger sanctuary in Thailand sparked outrage among social media users who accuse him of promoting animal cruelty. Responses to Sandoval’s social media post varied, with some fans criticizing his support for animal exploitation, while others expressed disappointment in his actions. The reality TV star continues to face backlash as he promotes the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules.