Unanswered Questions Remain as 3rd Party Investigates Deadly Maine Shooting

LEWISTON, Maine – As the new year begins, many questions remain unanswered about the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history that occurred in October. Concerns raised by the US Army Reserve in September about the deteriorating mental health of the shooter, Robert R. Card, have prompted scrutiny over the handling of this crucial information by law enforcement.

Families and lawmakers are seeking clarity on why law enforcement did not take action on the warning signs, and why Maine’s “yellow flag” law was not used to restrict Card’s access to weapons despite having enough information to do so. The public is eagerly awaiting the findings of an independent commission appointed by Maine Governor Janet T. Mills to investigate the events leading up to the massacre and the response of authorities. Additionally, there are calls for a federal investigation into the matter in light of the red flags that were raised before the shooting.

The commission appointed by Governor Mills is diligently working on gathering information and is expected to prepare a report for public release. Meanwhile, brain tissue from the shooter has been sent to Boston University’s CTE Center for further testing to determine if there is evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Additionally, efforts to obtain other records, including 911 calls, tips received by the Maine State Police, and information about the gunman’s background, are ongoing.

The community is awaiting the findings of the state investigative commission, which was established to shed light on the events leading up to the mass shooting. Calls for a federal investigation have also been voiced, with members of the Maine delegation appealing to the Department of the Army Inspector General to conduct a thorough investigation. As the investigation continues, the public is hopeful that crucial information will come to light to provide a better understanding of the events that led to this tragic incident.