Decatur Man Wanted on Animal Cruelty Charges After Death of Pit Bull Puppies

DECATUR, Ill. (AP) — Police in Decatur are actively searching for a local man accused of animal cruelty after the deaths of two pit bull puppies and the reported suffering of a third adult dog. Detective Sgt. Brian Earles of the Decatur Police Department confirmed that the authorities have issued a warrant for the suspect’s arrest on three counts of animal cruelty, but have not been able to locate the 53-year-old man. The case originated from an incident on December 12, when police responded to a call about animal abuse at the 1200 block of East Whitmer Street. Upon arrival, they found two dead dogs and another in poor condition. Fortunately, the surviving dog has since recovered under the care of the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center.

According to Detective Earles, the charges against the suspect stem from the alleged neglect and abuse that resulted in the deaths and suffering of the dogs. The specific details included one puppy being found attached to a leash just 2 feet long, while the other had a chain wrapped around its neck. This case is just one of many recent incidents of animal abuse in the area, prompting widespread outrage and protests by community members.

The cruelty towards animals in Decatur has become an increasing concern, with another case involving a pit bull named Berry Blue, who was allegedly left to freeze outside to the point of needing to be euthanized. The owners, Mark A. Miller Jr. and Nyssa R. Richardson-Miller, are currently facing cruelty charges in connection to Berry Blue’s death and could potentially reach a plea deal in the near future.

The ongoing animal cruelty cases have sparked a movement in Decatur, with community members advocating for justice for these innocent animals and demonstrating their support at courthouse hearings involving animal cruelty.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts to come forward and assist in bringing him to justice for the alleged crimes. This troubling case emphasizes the importance of speaking out against animal cruelty and holding individuals accountable for their actions.