Tucker Carlson Discussed The Major Issue Facing Democracy, A Few Days Before Parting Ways With Fox

Tucker Carlson addressed participants at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th-anniversary banquet. He spoke about the ruling class’s monopoly on knowledge and how it has been the most significant aspect affecting regular Americans’ lives in recent years.

Roberts asked Carlson what he thought had changed the most in the last 10 or 20 years. He clarified the question by informing Carlson that he meant socially and culturally, not politically (though he gave Carlson permission if he wanted to go in that direction), that has affected the lives of everyday Americans?”

“The lack of information,” Carlson replied promptly.

Despite living in a digital era where data and facts are accessible to anybody with an internet connection, Carlson claims that ordinary Americans’ access to the information pipeline is greatly impeded.
According to Carlson, the core promise of the internet was to put information at your fingertips. He said there was more information than ever, but the result has been a centralization of information. He added that most people are unaware of it. Carlson then said that, as a result, there is more controlled information than what could have been imagined more than 20 years ago. A lot of information is just unavailable because it’s digital and controlled by a few companies.

“Hundreds of millions” of Americans, according to Carlson, “have no idea what’s going on.” He added that this is because the people in power do not want the masses to know the truth. Carlson added that it’s not because they’re stupid or distracted by their iPhones. The entire purpose of the iPhone was to enlighten you, and the net result has been to make people entirely ignorant of the core, the true truths, such as the undisputed facts about various topics. Carlson said you certainly saw this during covid.

Carlson argues that keeping Americans in the dark benefits those who control information pipelines because it undermines democracy based on an informed public, a citizenry.

Carlson then cautioned listeners not to toss away hardcopy books and to consider purchasing “gold and ammo.” He said not to throw away your books because they can’t be erased; they exist physically. Similarly, Carlson stated that Americans should be careful not to toss away relationships with other people because they can’t be disappeared either.

According to Carlson, the material, the physical, and the things you can smell are the things you can trust. Adding your spouse, your dogs, your children, especially your dogs, but also your actual friendships, college roommates, and people in real life.

Carlson advises that as the world gets more digital and people live in a realm separated from physical reality, he believes the only way to keep sane is to clutch more firmly to the things you can smell. Carlson claims to have gotten to the point where he is not dealing with it if he can’t smell it.

“Books, relationships, and ammo: Tucker Carlson’s guide to the universe,” Roberts said.
“Yes!” Tucker said.

During a lighter moment during the Q&A, Roberts quipped that if things go south for you at Fox News, there’s always a job for your Heritage. Only a few days after the event and Roberts’ taunting, Fox News unexpectedly announced that it had “mutually agreed to part ways” with the anchor of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the highest-rated cable news show. Carlson has yet to declare his future plans.