Bidens Re-election Announcement: Attempt at Damage Control with Build Back Better program

President Joe Biden has recently taken several steps to assure progressive voters of his vision, anticipating the announcement of his re-election campaign next week.

The president has been criticized heavily for reversing COVID-era immigration policy and trying to increase domestic oil production despite historically elevated gas prices following the war in Ukraine. These two years have been crucial for the progressive platform, but the president has failed to address many key issues.

Tuesday, the fourth anniversary of Biden’s 2020 campaign declaration, is seen by his political team as the day to officially kick off his re-election campaign. In an effort to calm progressives’ fears, the president has just announced a slew of new executive orders.

The president slashed his ambitious 2022 budget, but on Tuesday, he signed executive orders to boost the care economy, a central pillar of his Build Back Better program.

The directives aim to lower the overall cost of child care for families, increase the availability of low-cost, long-term care options, and provide better compensation and training for caregivers.

To continue discussing methods to decarbonize electricity, eliminate deforestation in the Amazon and other vital forests, reduce all climate pollutants, and promote carbon capture technologies, President Biden digitally assembled the leaders of the Major Economies Forum on electricity on Thursday, Biden’s fourth such meeting as president.

White House officials said Friday afternoon that another executive order signed by President Biden would renew the nation’s dedication to promoting environmental justice.

After leading the Democrats to unexpectedly successful results in the 2022 midterm elections, when they could maintain control of the Senate and block Republicans from taking a majority in the House, progressives’ hopes of successfully challenging Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary quickly faded.

When asked about the president’s recent slate of left-leaning administrative measures, senior officials claimed that Biden was simply fulfilling his campaign pledges to the media.

Democratic campaign veterans agree that the president needs unprecedented voter participation to win a second term in office.

A senior operative has reported that President Biden is dedicated to these problems. Bidens first two years in office were marked by Republican obstruction in Congress. But, the operative said Biden promises to keep working for the American people and is appealing to voters directly for support.

Biden’s executive actions on gun violence are gaining support in liberal circles, but he is unlikely to make progress on the issue on his own.

However, the president will be hosting the Tennessee Three at the White House on Monday, a group of Tennessee state lawmakers who faced ousting votes after leading anti-gun violence protests inside the state Capitol.