Tornado havoc in Hancock County: Families clean up after severe storms

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ohio – Families in Northwest Ohio are coming together to clean up their communities in the aftermath of severe storms and tornadoes that swept through the region. The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down in southwest Hancock County near Jenera, damaging homes and farm buildings.

Reports from law enforcement confirmed the touchdown of another tornado in southeast Hancock County near Vanlue. This tornado was classified as an EF-U tornado, with a path stretching nearly 1.3 miles from Vanlue to New Riegel, leading to significant damage along its route.

Additionally, the NWS verified an EF-2 tornado that caused widespread destruction in Crawford and Richland counties, just south of the Huron county line. The tornado was on the ground for almost 20 minutes, leaving behind damage to homes, outbuildings, trees, and power poles.

Despite the destructive nature of these tornadoes, fortunately, no injuries or fatalities have been reported in the viewing area. The community has rallied together, with residents submitting photos of the damage caused by the storms, including leveled barns, roofs torn off buildings, and cars damaged by large hail.

Governor Mike DeWine visited the affected areas to assess the damage and speak with residents. The devastation extended beyond Hancock County, with other tornadoes reported across the region, including some violent ones south of Lima. Logan County, Ohio, experienced significant impact from the storms, with reports of multiple fatalities.

The community is now focused on recovery efforts, working together to rebuild and support those affected by the tornadoes. Residents are urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions as they work towards restoring their neighborhoods and communities back to normalcy.