Cold Case Breakthrough: New Evidence Emerges in Blake Chappell Murder Investigation

Newnan, Georgia – Blake Chappell disappeared in October 2011, leaving a community in shock. Two months later, authorities made a grim discovery when they found his body. However, the perpetrator behind his untimely death has evaded capture ever since.

Recently, the Newnan Police Department revealed a breakthrough in the cold case investigation surrounding Chappell’s murder. The authorities disclosed that new evidence has emerged, reigniting hope for justice in the long-dormant case.

This week, law enforcement officials conducted three search warrants in the Sharpsburg area, leading to the retrieval of crucial new evidence. The collected items have been transferred to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for further testing and analysis, potentially shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Chappell’s tragic demise.

Despite these latest developments, no arrests have been made in connection to Chappell’s murder. The authorities urge anyone with information relevant to the case to come forward and assist in bringing closure to this unresolved tragedy.

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