Tinder date from hell: Man set on fire in a bad way

Miami, Florida – A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly setting fire to her Tinder date and his car during a November 25 incident. Destiny Lenai Johnson, 25, and the man involved provide conflicting accounts of their encounters.

According to an arrest report, the two individuals connected on Tinder and met for the first time in person on November 16. The man states that they smoked marijuana together before returning to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, where he had picked her up. He claims they did not engage in sexual activity.

On November 25, the woman allegedly contacted the man around 5:00 AM and invited him to her hotel. Upon arrival, the man asserts that the woman approached him holding a jug of what smelled like gasoline and requested money to fix her car. Although he was displeased with the request, he claims he offered her $60 anyway.

According to the man, the woman proceeded to pour the liquid from the jug onto the passenger seat of his car, with some of it splashing onto him as he attempted to remove the jug from the vehicle. She then ignited the liquid using a lighter while shouting, “You guys are out to get me!” The man promptly exited the car and rolled on the ground to extinguish the flames on his body. As the fire raged, his vehicle became fully engulfed.

The police report states, “The victim then stated that he produced a firearm from his right waistband and pointed it at (Johnson), fearing that she would make further attempts to light him on fire.” The authorities located Johnson three hours later, responding to a call about a naked Black female with burns who was found nearby, stating she blew up a vehicle.

Johnson now faces charges of aggravated battery, attempted murder, and arson. She is being held on $10,000 bond for each charge. Both Johnson and the man received treatment for their burns.

Additional information regarding Johnson’s motive or her lawyers’ response to the charges remains unknown. However, the arrest report suggests that Johnson disclosed to authorities that she believed she was a victim of sex trafficking and declined the man’s offer of $60 for oral sex.

The investigation is ongoing, and Johnson’s next hearing is scheduled for December 18.