Shocking: Chocolate mogul arrested for philanthropist’s death

ROSEAU, Dominica — Murder charges have been filed against two Americans in connection with the death of animation pioneer Daniel Langlois and his partner Dominique Marchand. The bodies of Langlois and Marchand were found incinerated in a car near Gallion, Dominica, where they owned a hotel. The suspects, identified as Jonathan Lehrer and Robert Snider, are currently in custody, according to the Dominica police spokesperson.

The authorities have not immediately revealed the motive behind the murders. Lehrer, a chocolate maker from New Jersey, owned a property near the couple’s eco-resort. Reports suggest that Lehrer had been involved in a long-standing dispute over using a road leading to Langlois and Marchand’s property.

Lehrer’s father, Robert, expressed disbelief in his son’s involvement, stating that Jonathan is “a successful businessman, not a murderer.” The investigation is ongoing, and a third person has been arrested but not charged.

Daniel Langlois, founder of Softimage, a company that developed cutting-edge 3D animation software, amassed a fortune and sold his company to Microsoft in 1994. The deaths of Langlois and Marchand were confirmed by Langlois’ foundation, which also highlighted his contributions to the film industry.

Their bodies were engulfed in such an intense fire that police relied on “circumstantial evidence” to identify them. Authorities in Dominica have requested independent investigators to assist with the probe, and they are coordinating with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for forensic and DNA analyses of the evidence. Police in Canada acknowledged the investigation but declined to comment further on foreign criminal investigations.

Snider and Lehrer appeared in Roseau’s magistrate’s court on Wednesday, accused of murdering Langlois and Marchand. They did not enter a plea.

The Dominica tourism board expressed deep sadness over the deaths of Langlois and Marchand, acknowledging their visionary work in promoting luxury and sustainable tourism. The couple’s eco-resort, Coulibri Ridge, has been hailed as a beacon of green tourism and commended for setting the benchmark in the sustainable tourism community.

The murders of Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand have garnered significant public interest, both locally and internationally. The investigation into their deaths continues as authorities remain committed to bringing justice to this tragic case.