Fast Food Justice: Woman receives jail time and fast food work sentence

PARMA, Ohio — A woman has been sentenced to one month in prison and ordered to work in a fast food restaurant for two months after attacking a Chipotle worker. There was video evidence of the incident on September 5 at a Chipotle location in Parma, Ohio.

Rosemary Hayne, 39, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge and was sentenced by Parma Municipal Court Judge Timothy Gilligan. Hayne was given the option to serve 30 days in jail and then work the remaining 60 days at a fast-food restaurant. At the restaurant she can secure employment with, she must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

During the sentencing, Judge Gilligan asked Hayne if she wanted to walk in the victim’s shoes for two months and learn how people should treat people or do you want to do your jail time? Hayne chose to take the option of working in a fast-food restaurant.

Hayne has yet to find a job at a fast food restaurant as of Wednesday, according to her attorney.

The assault on Chipotle worker Emily Russell has had lasting effects. Russell, who had worked at Chipotle for over four years at the time of the incident, revealed that she quit her job a month after the assault due to a lack of support from the chain. She claimed that she was never contacted by Chipotle following the attack and had to continue working her shift after the food was thrown in her face.

Russell expressed relief at Hayne’s sentencing and spoke about her own dedication to her job, saying, “I’ve been saying she’s lucky she’s working 20 hours [a] week — I was working 65 hours a week.”

In response to the incident, Laurie Schalow, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Chipotle, said the company is committed to its employees’ safety. Schalow stated, “The health and safety of our employees is our greatest priority, and we’re pleased to see justice served for any individual that does not treat our team members with the respect they deserve.”