Thieves Beware: Ohio Prosecutor Warns Robbers to ‘Expect to Be Shot’ After Smoke Shop Killing

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Hamilton County Prosecutor, Melissa Powers, has indicted the manager of VIP Smoke Shop in connection to the fatal shooting of a teenager during an attempted robbery earlier this year. The smoke shop manager, Tony Thacker, is facing charges for the shooting that resulted in the death of a 16-year-old during an attempted robbery at the store in Delhi Township.

Thacker, who was not permitted to possess a firearm due to a felony juvenile adjudication, fired multiple shots at the suspects who broke into the store. The prosecutor’s office stated that the manager continued to shoot at the suspects as they were fleeing the scene, leading to the fatal injury of one of the teenagers involved.

Powers emphasized that while people have the right to protect themselves and their businesses, shooting at someone as they are running away is unjustifiable. However, she also warned potential thieves that the county will not tolerate retail thefts and that they should expect to be shot if they attempt to rob a store.

In addition to Thacker, his brother, Malachi Thacker, has also been indicted for tampering with evidence at the store following the shooting. The prosecutor’s office also indicted a 19-year-old, Amontae Carter, for murder, burglary, and possession of criminal tools. Three other teenagers were arrested and face murder and burglary charges, although they were reportedly not involved in the fatal shooting.

This incident has sparked a debate about the rights of individuals to protect their businesses and the use of force in such situations. The prosecutor’s firm stance against retail thefts and her warning to potential thieves has further fueled discussions about the issue.

It is evident that the shooting at the smoke shop has raised complex legal and ethical questions, particularly regarding the use of force in self-defense and business protection. The tragic outcome of the attempted robbery has left the community grappling with the consequences of such incidents and the legal actions taken against those involved.