Texas Caregiver Investigated for Deaths of 20 Patients, Faces Murder Charge

Arlington, Texas – A Texas caregiver, Regla Becquer, is facing intense scrutiny after being charged with abuse and endangerment of patients. However, the case has taken a dark turn as she is now being investigated in connection with the deaths of 20 individuals under her care, with at least one murder charge looming over her.

Becquer, 49, the owner of multiple care homes operating under ‘Love and Caring for People’, stands accused of subjecting her patients to deplorable living conditions while allegedly draining their bank accounts for personal gain. Local authorities have uncovered a disturbing pattern of patient deaths, prompting a murder charge against Becquer.

New revelations have surfaced, revealing an additional seven victims who passed away while under Becquer’s care since September 2022. Arlington Chief of Police Al Jones expressed concern over the troubling discoveries within the care homes, emphasizing the importance of ensuring no more victims slip through the cracks.

The investigation into Becquer has exposed instances of patients being sent to her unlicensed facilities by hospitals, despite not meeting the criteria for placement at licensed facilities. Some patients’ conditions reportedly deteriorated rapidly once under her care, with allegations of poisoning surfacing against her.

Family members of the deceased have come forward with harrowing stories of neglect and mistreatment, painting a grim picture of the alleged atrocities committed by Becquer. Reports indicate that she may have strategically shuffled patients between homes to evade detection while isolating them from their loved ones.

Amidst the mounting allegations of theft, identity fraud, and other criminal activities, Becquer’s care homes continue to face intense scrutiny. The case has prompted calls for tighter regulations on unlicensed care facilities in Arlington, where annual licensing is not mandatory as in Dallas.

As the investigation unfolds, more stories of abuse and exploitation are coming to light, shedding a disturbing spotlight on the darker side of caregiving. Authorities remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice for the victims and their families, determined to hold Becquer accountable for her alleged heinous actions.