Explosion Relief Funds Will Benefit Downtown Youngstown Businesses

Youngstown, Ohio – Following an explosion that rocked downtown Youngstown, the city is working to aid businesses impacted by the incident. The City of Youngstown and the Chamber of Commerce have partnered to provide $200k in relief to those most affected by the blast. City officials are determining which businesses will benefit from the fund, focusing on those relying on foot traffic.

Downtown businesses are reeling as plans for the demolition of the Realty Building progress. Councilman Mike Ray emphasized the need for improved communication between city officials and affected businesses during this challenging time. While the relief fund aims to alleviate some financial burden, it is acknowledged as a temporary solution.

Businesses in the downtown area, such as restaurants and bars, are eagerly awaiting news on whether they will receive relief funds. Entities like Avalon Downtown and Bistro 1907 have voiced concerns over the lack of communication from the city, heightening frustration among business owners.

City leaders, like Councilman Julius Oliver, are advocating for a more proactive approach to support struggling businesses. Oliver proposed creating a commercial to encourage public support for local establishments to stimulate economic recovery. Council members are pushing for increased transparency and engagement between the city and downtown business community.

To enhance communication, city officials are exploring options like a dedicated portal or text thread to keep businesses informed. Council members aim to minimize confusion and uncertainty among business owners by facilitating open dialogue and providing regular updates on relief efforts.

The City of Youngstown’s administration plans to meet with downtown business leaders to discuss the distribution of relief funds. The remaining ARP dollars also offer a potential source of support to help businesses navigate the impact of the explosion. Overall, the city is committed to addressing the needs of affected businesses and fostering a resilient downtown community.