Tesla owner targeted in deadly robbery

SAN DIMAS, Calif. – An arrest has been made in connection with a fatal follow-home robbery that occurred in a residential neighborhood in San Dimas. Authorities responded to reports of the incident on Hawkbrook Drive, where they discovered the victim, Nicholas Simbolon, suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the 42-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports Simbolon was followed home from an electric vehicle charging station in West Covina. Surveillance video from the area helped authorities capture the suspect’s license plate. On Thursday morning, the suspect, identified as 33-year-old Jerrid Joseph Powell, was arrested in Beverly Hills after he was spotted driving the same vehicle.

During the arrest, deputies recovered a gun that appeared to match the description of the weapon used in the crime. The victim, Simbolon, was a tenured employee of L.A. County, working as a project manager in the I.T. department. Colleagues praised his contributions to the office and his dedication to helping deliver services to the county’s residents.

Sheriff Robert Luna expressed concerns about follow-home robberies in the county, emphasizing that criminals often target individuals wearing jewelry, driving high-end vehicles, or businesses that generate large amounts of cash. The Sheriff believes that Simbolon was targeted because he drove a Tesla.

These crimes have left people traumatized and threatened in the supposed safety of their homes or businesses. Family members of the victim, including his aunt Fanny Prentice, are devastated by the loss. Prentice described Simbolon as a loving husband, father, and devoted churchgoer, lamenting the impact on his young children and wife.

The investigation thus far suggests that the incident was isolated and that the suspect acted alone, with no apparent connection between him and the victim. Authorities are working diligently to bring justice for Simbolon’s family and tackle the issue of follow-home robberies in the county.