Woman dies after bus and train collide in freak accident

BRASILIA, Brazil – In a devastating accident, a woman lost her life after falling out of a bus and being struck by a train. Julia de Albuquerque Violato, a 37-year-old woman from Brasilia, Brazil, was on her way to a local charity shop to donate clothes when the bus veered onto the train tracks.

Shocking footage of the incident captured the frightful moment when a freight train approached, honking its horn before colliding with the bus. Ms. Violato, whose body was reportedly cut in half, did not survive the accident.

Grief-stricken, Ms. Violato’s mother, Ana Rosa, described her daughter as a fearless individual. She shared, “Julia was the youngest; she lived with me and was my companion. We did everything together.” Her mother said that Julia was her best travel companion. She said that Julia took care of her due to her age. “She always said she didn’t want to die before me. She cared about me a lot and loved me so much.” Her mom added that she did not know how she would live without her daughter.

Ms. Violato, a graduate in fine arts from the University of Brasília, had embarked on her journey to the charity store to donate clothes when the tragic accident unfolded. Her mother praised her daughter for bringing people together, emphasizing her inclusive nature: “For her, there was no distinction; anyone could be a friend.”

Alongside the devastating loss of Ms. Violato, four other individuals were injured during the incident. One person sustained a head injury and fractures, another suffered serious head trauma and was taken to the hospital unconscious, and a third was left with abrasions to their face and arms. Meanwhile, the bus driver reportedly experienced shock and a subsequent nervous breakdown.

As investigations into the accident continue, Ms. Rosa intends to take legal action against the bus company responsible for the incident. Authorities have cordoned off the area as part of their inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the collision.