Elderly man accused of killing wife over a cat

LOWER POTTSGROVE TOWNSHIP, PA – The quiet of Lower Pottsgrove Township was shattered when 84-year-old Barton Seltmann was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife. The police were called to their North Keim Road home on November 28, where they discovered an unresponsive woman.

Upon their arrival, the police found 85-year-old Margaret Seltmann dead inside the house. Barton, covered in blood and with an injured hand, was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, as per the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Barton told investigators that the tragic incident was ignited by a financial disagreement over their cat’s veterinary expenses. He alleged that Margaret had threatened him with a knife, prompting him to retaliate by throwing a chair at her. He admitted to continuing to assault her with the chair, his fists, and other objects even after she fell.

The police found a small kitchen knife under Margaret’s body and fragments from a broken candle jar during their investigation. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office later established that Margaret’s death was caused by blunt force injuries.

Barton Seltmann was subsequently charged with first and third-degree murder. He is currently detained at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, awaiting a court appearance scheduled for December 5, 2023.