Vernon County Sheriff’s Department Investigating Mysterious Explosive-Like Noises in Stoddard

STODDARD, Wis. – The Vernon County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating loud noises that were heard over the weekend in Stoddard. Citizens described the sounds as resembling an explosion, although Sheriff Roy Torgerson stated in a media release that there is no evidence to support that claim. According to Torgerson, a resident on Old River … Read more

Jimmy Savile’s Shocking Invitation to Breakfast with Peter Sutcliffe – Vernon Grant Reveals the Alarming Encounter

LEEDS, England – Vernon Grant reflects on his final encounter with Jimmy Savile, the notorious British entertainer and alleged serial sex offender. After having worked with Savile for many years, Grant’s last visit to the DJ’s flat in Leeds left a lasting impression. During this encounter, Savile proudly showed Grant a portrait of himself, painted … Read more