Unresolved: 18 Mysteries from One Piece that Will Leave Fans Pondering

The Japanese manga series, One Piece, has captivated audiences worldwide with its adventurous storytelling and complex characters. As the series nears its 1,000th chapter, fans are still left with many unresolved mysteries and unanswered questions. From the true identity of the enigmatic character, Joy Boy, to the significance of the Void Century, there are countless … Read more

Unresolved: Police Work on Cold Case Murders to Bring Closure to Families

TAMAKI MAKARAU, New Zealand – Police in Tamaki Makarau, New Zealand work tirelessly on unresolved homicide cases to provide closure for the families of victims. These “cold case” murders are those that have gone unsolved for a long time, often leaving families without answers or justice. The process of solving cold cases involves revisiting evidence, … Read more

Unsolved: Labour Analysis Finds 4.7 Million Crimes Remain Unresolved Amidst Tory Cuts and Public Safety Fears

A recent study has found that nearly 90% of reported crimes in England and Wales go unsolved, revealing the impact of budget cuts on policing and public safety. The analysis, conducted by the Labour party, showed that 4.7 million reported crimes have gone unsolved this year, with close to half of them attributed to the … Read more