Strangers Rally to Stop Random Attack in NYC Street Aided by Vigilantes

New York, NY – In a recent incident captured on video, a group of New Yorkers came together to defend a woman who was randomly attacked on the streets of the city. The attack took place at 14th and Seventh Avenue, with bystanders quickly intervening to stop the assailant. The footage, which circulated on social … Read more

**Sofia** Couple Endures Brutal **Assault** by Strangers: Afghan Man and Bulgarian Wife Traumatized

Sofia, Bulgaria – A horrifying attack on an Afghan man and his Bulgarian wife has left the community in shock. The couple was viciously assaulted by a group of strangers wielding stones and metal rods in broad daylight in front of their home, leaving them traumatized and fearful. Javed Nouri and his wife were getting … Read more