Safety Concerns Arise at North Penn High School Forum After Student Attack

NORTH WALES, Pennsylvania – Concerned parents and community members gathered at North Penn High School for a school safety forum following a recent violent incident at Pennbrook Middle School that left a 7th grader injured. The meeting was held to address issues surrounding school safety, policies, and accountability within the district. During the forum, attendees … Read more

Safety Concerns Addressed by North Penn School District in Public Forum After Violent Attack

TOWAMENCIN TWP., Pa. – Following a disturbing incident at Pennbrook Middle School in Montgomery County, the North Penn School District convened a public forum to address concerns raised by parents and students about school safety. The district presented new safety measures and policies that have been implemented since the incident, followed by a lengthy period … Read more

**Assault** at North Penn School District Meeting Sparks Outrage and Concern

North Wales, Pennsylvania – A community meeting in North Penn School District drew over 50 concerned individuals to address an incident that resulted in a student being injured at Pennbrook Middle School. The attack occurred in the cafeteria on a Wednesday afternoon and left many parents questioning the safety measures in place at the school. … Read more

Attack sparks packed North Penn School Board meeting with students and parents

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – A recent violent attack on a student in North Penn School District has sparked outrage among students and parents, leading to a packed school board meeting to address concerns and demand action. The meeting was filled with emotional pleas for greater safety measures and accountability from school officials. The incident, which took … Read more

Violent Student Attack Sparks Outcry at North Penn School Board Meeting

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – In a recent North Penn School Board meeting, a wave of students and parents filled the room, seeking answers following a violent attack on a student. Emotions ran high as attendees addressed the board, recounting the impact of the traumatic incident and urging action to address the issue. One student, on the … Read more

Violent Attack Sparks Emotional Outcry at North Penn School Board Meeting

North Wales, Pennsylvania – The North Penn School Board meeting was filled with emotion on Thursday evening as students and parents gathered to address a recent violent attack at Pennbrook Middle School. The incident left a student hospitalized and the community seeking answers. During the meeting, students and parents shared how the traumatic event had … Read more