Speculation Runs Wild Over Potential Running Mate For Trump

According to Trump insiders, the former president will select a vice presidential candidate who is “ideologically aligned” with him, has “charisma,” and is “loyal.” The former president has indicated that “a lot of people” are “auditioning” behind the scenes for the position of Trump’s vice president. However, no formal discussions have narrowed the candidate pool.

Arizona Judge Denies Request for Sanctions Against Kari Lake.

Katie Hobbs, who was elected governor of Arizona, had asked a judge to impose sanctions on Kari Lake, who had challenged her in the race for governor.

Sanctions were denied, but Hobbs was given slightly more than $33,000 to pay for the cost of hiring expert witnesses during the two-day trial Lake initiated to overturn the outcome of the November 2022 governor’s race.

Arizona’s Botched Elections, Bring Calls for a New Election

As we approach the second week following the bungled midterm elections, there are mounting calls for the Arizona general election results to be voided in light of fresh claims that the defective voting equipment used on Election Day was never certified.