Stabbing Spree: Violent Offender Slashes Acquaintance’s Face with ‘Homemade Shank’ Outside Garda Station

Dublin, Ireland – A harrowing incident unfolded outside a city center Garda station when Graham McGuinness viciously attacked his acquaintance, Martin Reilly, with a “homemade shank”. McGuinness, a 32-year-old violent offender with an extensive criminal history, repeatedly slashed and stabbed Reilly in the face, leaving him with deep wounds and lifelong scars. Initially facing a … Read more

Violent Offender Inflicts Lifelong Scars with Homemade Shank Attack at Dublin Garda Station

DUBLIN, IRELAND – A violent attack by a repeat offender left a man with lifelong scars after he was repeatedly slashed and stabbed in the face with a homemade weapon in front of a Garda station in the city center. The attack, described as a terrifying ordeal, unfolded late one night near a transportation hub … Read more

Explosion at Backyard Gathering Kills Michigan Woman: Homemade Firework leaves 1 Dead, 9 Injured at Holiday Celebration in Park Township

Grand Rapids, MI – As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, many families across America prepare to celebrate with fireworks, backyard gatherings, and trips to the lake or beach. However, amidst the festive atmosphere, tragedies can still occur, reminding us of the fragility of life. One such heartbreaking incident occurred in Park Township when Dana … Read more

Inmate wields homemade shank in brutal jailhouse attack on Southern California deputy

Rancho Cucamonga, California – Surveillance footage from a county jail in San Bernardino County captured a harrowing incident where an inmate armed with a homemade metal knife attacked a deputy. The violent encounter took place at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on June 11, as reported by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s … Read more

Inmate Armed with Homemade Metal Knife Launches Brutal Attack on San Bernardino County Deputy

Rancho Cucamonga, California – A violent incident occurred on June 11 at the West Valley Detention Center in San Bernardino County, where an inmate armed with a homemade metal knife attacked a deputy. The inmate, identified as 25-year-old Christopher Lommie Jackson, had been in custody since 2019 on various violent charges, including the alleged murder … Read more

Explosive Investigation: Russian-Ukrainian Man Injured in Homemade Bomb Blast in France

Paris, France – The French anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office has initiated an inquiry into a Russian-Ukrainian individual severely injured in the detonation of a homemade explosive device. The 26-year-old suspect is set to be detained while authorities delve into his intentions and any potential associates involved in the incident. Sources reveal that the man had recently … Read more

Explosion in SE Wichita Tied to Illegal Homemade Pyrotechnics Operation

Wichita, Kansas – Authorities in Southeast Wichita are investigating a fatal explosion, pointing to possible connections with illegal homemade pyrotechnics manufacturing. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, has sparked concerns about the dangers of such activities within the community. The explosion, which left one person dead and several others injured, has raised alarms among residents … Read more

Garage Explosion Possibly Caused by Homemade Pyrotechnic: Victim Found Dead

WICHITA, Kan. – Authorities are investigating the cause of a fatal explosion that occurred in east Wichita on Thursday. The incident, which took place at the Cedarbrooke Apartments on E. Harry St., near Rock Road, is suspected to have involved homemade fireworks. Emergency crews responded to the scene after reports of heavy fire coming from … Read more

Arrest Made After Homemade Firework Causes Evacuation at Tustin Shopping Center

TUSTIN, Calif. – A man was apprehended on Tuesday after allegedly detonating a homemade firework near a shopping center in Southern California, according to the Tustin Police Department. The incident took place at The Village at Tustin Legacy, prompting authorities to evacuate several businesses, including Chipotle. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries and no damage … Read more

Tragic Homemade Bomb Explosion Kills Six, Including Four Children in Gubio

Gubio, Nigeria – Two metal scavengers were killed in an explosion caused by a homemade bomb outside the town of Gubio, located 80 kilometers from the regional capital Maiduguri. The blast also claimed the lives of four children, bringing the total number of casualties to six in the IED (improvised explosive device) explosion, as reported … Read more