Parkland Parents Criticize Kamala Harris for ‘Photo-Op’ Response to Shooting Site

Miami, Florida – Parents of victims from the Parkland school shooting criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for what they perceived as a superficial visit to the site of the tragedy. The parents expressed their disappointment at what they believed to be a “photo-op” by Harris, accusing her of exploiting the tragic event for her own … Read more

Joey Barton Threatens to “Empty” Gary Neville for Daring to Criticize His Misogynistic Social Media Attack

Liverpool, England – Football pundit Joey Barton has come under fire for his recent social media attack on Gary Neville. After comparing female pundits to infamous serial killers, Barton received criticism from Neville, prompting a heated exchange on various social media platforms. The controversy began when Barton compared Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to Fred … Read more