Shooting Tragedy at Baton Rouge Apartment Complex Leaves One Dead and Another Critically Injured

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A shooting at the Colonial Terrace apartments on Wooddale Blvd. near Florida Blvd. resulted in one fatality and one person critically injured on Tuesday afternoon. Sources revealed that the victim who succumbed to their injuries was shot in the chest. This incident marks the 27th homicide in Baton Rouge, according to … Read more

Road Rage Shooting on North I-110 Leaves One Dead: Baton Rouge Police Identify Victim and Seek Public Assistance

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A tragic incident unfolded on North Interstate 110 in Baton Rouge, where the local police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting that is believed to be a result of road rage. The episode occurred on Saturday when two vehicles were observed maneuvering through traffic in the vicinity of North … Read more

Baton Rouge: Teen Dead, Four Injured in Drive-By Shooting Spree

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: The new year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, began with a series of shooting incidents resulting in the injury of a teenager and four other individuals. Police reported a drive-by shooting where the shooter(s) drove through multiple blocks and streets in the city. One of the victims, 15-year-old Ramide Cosey, tragically died at … Read more