Georgia Civic Activist Attacked Following Accusations by Speaker: Amnesty International Calls for Justice and End to Violence

Tbilisi, Georgia – A civic activist in Georgia, Zuka Berdzenishvili, was violently attacked by unknown assailants just hours after being accused on social media by the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament of involvement in a campaign of terror. Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Denis Krivosheev, expressed serious concerns about the … Read more

Protesters in Peru Victims of Deadly Force – Amnesty International Urges Investigation

Lima, Peru – Amnesty International is urging Peru’s Attorney General’s Office to thoroughly investigate the lethal use of force by security forces during protests that resulted in 49 deaths from December to February. The human rights organization’s report highlights a disturbing pattern of violence, targeting individuals from marginalized communities and raising concerns about potential state-ordered … Read more

Knife Amnesty Yields Over 700 Surrendered “Zombie Knives” and Other Weapons, Humberside Police Disclose

Police in Humberside, United Kingdom, reported a successful turnout during a week-long amnesty program aimed at reducing knife crime. Over 700 blades, including “zombie knives” and other dangerous weapons, were voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. Some of the knives were described by officers as “really horrific,” adding to the concern over the prevalence of such … Read more