Suspect in Violent Attack on Editor’s Family Remanded in Kisii Prison

Kisii, Kenya – Job Morara, the suspect linked to a violent attack on the family of Standard Group Editor Evelyne Kwamboka, has been remanded at the Kisii Remand Prison due to concerns over his potential flight risk. Senior Resident Magistrate Christabel Agutu made this decision after Morara failed to appear at a previous court session and could not provide a valid reason for his absence.

Morara was apprehended at his residence but was unable to convince the court that his failure to attend the previous hearing was due to health reasons, as he claimed. Despite stating that he was unwell, Morara could not provide medical records to substantiate his claim of illness.

In response to these developments, the magistrate ordered the authorities to take Morara to Nyamira Referral Hospital for a medical evaluation before transferring him to Kisii Remand Prison. The incident in question involved an attack on Kwamboka’s mother, Faustine Moraa Kiage, at her business premises in Nyamaiya town on November 30, 2023. Morara was allegedly part of a group that violently robbed Kiage of Sh22,000.

Alongside Morara, two other individuals, Francis Ouru Oruko and Kevin Mogy Thomas, were charged in connection with the robbery. All three suspects have denied any involvement in the crime. They are scheduled to appear in court on April 9 for a hearing related to a challenge against a pre-bail report.

The case continues to unfold as authorities work to ensure accountability and justice for the victims of this violent incident. Emotions ran high as the details of the attack were recounted in court, highlighting the impact of such criminal acts on both individuals and the community at large. As the legal process progresses, the public remains eager to see a fair and just resolution to this disturbing episode.