Robbery Suspects Plead Not Guilty in Mililani Shooting Death

HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) – Three individuals entered pleas of not guilty on Tuesday in relation to the robbery and fatal shooting of a man in Mililani. Michael Caspino is accused of firing the shot that resulted in the death of “Barrabas Dietrich” on December 14th while he was seated in a vehicle on Kamehameha Highway. The judge denied a request to lower Caspino’s $1 million bail during his appearance in court. Last week, Sabrecia Hao was indicted for second-degree murder, robbery, and other charges connected to Dietrich’s death. Her bail was also set at $1 million, and she is currently in custody on an unrelated charge. Furthermore, Michael Caspino and Clinton Kaaialii had previously been charged in Dietrich’s death.

The three suspects all entered not guilty pleas during their recent court appearances. Caspino’s bail remains at $1 million and Hao is currently in custody for an unrelated charge. The shooting took place on Kamehameha Highway and resulted in the unfortunate death of Dietrich. The case is ongoing, and more details are expected to be revealed as the investigation continues.

In summary, three individuals have pleaded not guilty in connection with the robbery and shooting death of a man in Mililani. Michael Caspino is accused of firing the fatal shot, while Sabrecia Hao and Clinton Kaaialii have also been implicated in the incident. The judge has denied a request to lower Caspino’s bail, and all three suspects are currently facing charges related to Dietrich’s death.