NORAD Commander Speculates That The Last Three UFOs Were Non-Chinese

Former NORAD commander speculates that the last three UFOs shot down by the United States were from Non-Chinese American foes seeking to test the military’s commitment. 

Several objects have flown over part of the U.S.; only one has been confirmed to be from China. A massive Chinese surveillance satellite balloon was permitted to sail thousands of miles from Alaska to the Atlantic Ocean and was eventually shot down on February 4.

Since then, U.S. fighter planes have destroyed three unidentified smaller objects. One object was over the Yukon Territory, and another was over the Midwestern Great Lake. Officials have remained silent about the objects’ origins while analyzing the grounded payloads; however, the U.S. Air Force general in charge of North American airspace stated on Sunday that he was not ruling out the possibility that extraterrestrials were responsible.

On February 4, the United States recognized the balloon as a Chinese espionage device. After being shot down, its remnants were observed plummeting into the water around South Carolina.

General Scott Clancy, a former director of operations for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, stated on Monday that he does not believe China is responsible for the three most recent UFO sightings.

As the one tasked with conducting operations to safeguard North America, Clancy declared on “CNN This Morning” that he would be very skeptical and on high alert to ensure that all of “our adversaries are being countered.”

Clancy expressed his belief that two things are currently happening. Intelligence holes within the U.S. detection systems across North America” had been “closed” Clancy revealed that since the initial incident with the balloon, the military is more alert of airspace violations.

Clancy also explained that secondly, and this is just guesswork on his part, he believes you are also witnessing the convergence of  “our adversaries” engaging in separate activities to “test our systems,” Clancy explained.

You need to determine the overall purpose of using these devices at this time; it appears to be a planned attempt. He stressed that it was irresponsible to blame China for all recent occurrences.

A House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Armed Services Committee member has joined the program. “Objects” and “without known origin” are prevalent in American airspace. However, after the Chinese spy balloon incident, officials decided to take action.

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colorado) stated that, as a result, the government is actively searching for them with heightened alertness. He added that they are looking for them in various ways and are beginning to see them in various ways. According to Crow, President Biden has decided not to allow them to fly over U.S. soil.

Crow further stated that criticism of the government’s lack of public information on the instances was unreasonable. He stated that these do not pose a threat to the United States or Americans. From what they can determine, they are benign items, and this is not a new phenomenon either.

UAPs [unidentified aerial phenomenon] have been spotted in the United States for years.

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