“Mickey Mouse” Horror Comedy “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” Set to Terrify Viewers as “Steamboat Willie” Enters Public Domain

Los Angeles, CA – Mickey Mouse, the iconic Disney character, is getting a new treatment in an upcoming indie horror comedy film, “Mickey’s Mouse Trap.” This comes as the 1928 Disney short film “Steamboat Willie” has entered the public domain. Directed by Walt Disney, “Steamboat Willie” was the first film to introduce the famous cartoon character and was considered groundbreaking at the time for its synchronized sound.

The horror comedy film trailer, unleashed on the day “Steamboat Willie” entered the public domain, features a sinister-looking psycho in a Mickey Mouse costume stalking people in an arcade. The movie’s plot revolves around a young woman working the late shift at an amusement arcade on her 21st birthday, only to be surprised by friends and then hunted by a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse.

Despite Disney’s efforts to protect its characters, the expiration of the copyright for “Steamboat Willie” has allowed directors to explore new, darker interpretations of the beloved character. In addition to “Mickey’s Mouse Trap,” another untitled horror movie based on “Steamboat Willie” is in production, in which a sadistic mouse will torment passengers on a ferry.

As the iconic character takes on new and darker roles, some directors are excited by the opportunity to explore different facets of Mickey Mouse’s personality. It is reported that both films are set to be released soon, giving viewers a chance to see Mickey Mouse in a whole new light.