Long Island Man Charged with Animal Abandonment After Trapping 17-Year-Old Cat

LINDENHURST, N.Y. – A Long Island man has been charged with animal abandonment after allegedly trapping a 17-year-old cat and abandoning it near a marina. The Suffolk County SPCA announced the charges on Tuesday, stating that Thomas Scaccia, 51, is accused of this act of cruelty.

According to Roy Gross, Chief of the Suffolk SPCA, the cat, named Toby, was found unharmed by a Good Samaritan near the Marina in West Islip. Toby was later reunited with his owner.

Scaccia was arrested on December 29, 2023, and is facing charges of animal abandonment and petit larceny. He is scheduled to appear in court on January 17.

The Suffolk County SPCA urged anyone who witnesses incidents of animal cruelty or neglect in the area to contact them at (631) 382-7722.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of taking action against animal cruelty and neglect. The charges brought against Scaccia demonstrate the serious consequences of such actions, and the reunion of Toby with his owner brings a heartwarming conclusion to this distressing incident.

It is a testament to the advocacy and dedication of organizations like the Suffolk County SPCA that animals like Toby can find safety and justice in the face of mistreatment. The community’s role in reporting and addressing animal cruelty is vital in ensuring the well-being of all animals in Suffolk County.