Professor’s Home Burglarized after UNLV Mass Shooting

LAS VEGAS (AP) – The home of UNLV associate professor Naoko Takemaru, who tragically lost her life in the December mass shooting at the university, was reportedly burglarized last week, according to a police report. Takemaru, 69, was one of the three faculty members killed in the shooting, leaving the community shocked and grief-stricken.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called on Dec. 26 after a neighbor witnessed someone leaving Takemaru’s home, with the neighbor reporting the suspicious activity to the authorities. The neighbor claimed to have seen a woman attempting to conceal her face as she entered the home, and later leaving with multiple items in her hands.

Despite attempts by the neighbor to capture the thief on camera, the woman fled with two men in a vehicle before the police could arrive at the scene. Officers found that several cabinets in the home had been left open, but were unable to determine the exact items that were stolen.

Takemaru, who had been teaching Japanese studies at UNLV for 20 years, was mourned by the community in a candlelight vigil held at her home following the shooting. However, concerns arose about securing the house to prevent further incidents of vandalism, as attempts to contact Takemaru’s next of kin, her brother, proved unsuccessful.

The burglary has brought further distress to a community already grieving the loss of a beloved professor, leaving many to wonder about the motives behind such a callous act. As the investigation into the burglary continues, police are working to ensure the safety and security of Takemaru’s home in the wake of this tragic event.