Huber Heights Man Sentenced to Prison for Groping Teen in Greene County: Anthony Sellers Gets 3 Years Behind Bars

XENIA, Ohio — A Huber Heights man has been sentenced to three years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage girl in Greene County. The man, Anthony Sellers, was found guilty of two counts of gross sexual imposition and was indicted in February.

The victim passed a note to a family member in early February of 2023, disclosing that Sellers had been sexually abusing her. Promptly, the family member reported the abuse to authorities, leading to Sellers’ conviction. The abuse was found to have occurred over the course of several years at residences in both Greene and Montgomery counties.

After the verdict was announced, Greene County Prosecutor David Hayes commended the victim for her courage in coming forward and telling the truth about what Anthony Sellers did to her. Hayes emphasized the importance of recognizing and rewarding the victim’s bravery, ultimately leading to Sellers’ conviction.

Sellers’ sentencing to three years in prison was the result of his actions and the bravery of the victim in speaking out against him. It is a reminder of the importance of speaking up against abuse and the impact it can have in bringing perpetrators to justice.