“Tragic Murder-Suicide Shocks Houston Community: Mother of Three Brutally Killed on Christmas Day” – Share Your Thoughts

HOUSTON, Texas – Tragedy struck a family in southwest Houston on Christmas Day when a mother of three, Fannie Uresti, was fatally shot by her husband, Roberto Hernandez, in an apparent murder-suicide. The Houston Police Department responded to the scene at 4822 Grasilla Drive around 10:17 pm.

According to medical examination records, Fannie Uresti, 34, and Roberto Hernandez, 43, lived in the same home where the tragedy occurred. Just 11 days prior, Uresti had filed a report with the police, expressing concerns about the state of her marriage. She had told police that her husband was tracking her every move and that she was preparing to file for divorce.

Four days after her daughter’s tragic death, Rosa Salinas, Uresti’s mother, is speaking out about her daughter’s experience with domestic violence. Salinas hopes that by sharing their family’s story, they can raise awareness and help prevent similar tragedies.

Salinas revealed that Uresti had expressed worry about her safety prior to the incident, even reaching out to Houston Police for assistance. She described Roberto as “controlling” and “obsessive”, stating that he did not allow Uresti to socialize or be herself.

On Christmas Day, Salinas received the devastating news that her daughter was dead. Now, she is sharing her daughter’s story in hopes of helping other victims of domestic violence seek help and leave dangerous situations before it’s too late.

There are assistance programs available for families who have lost loved ones due to domestic violence. For the Uresti family, the owner of Compean Funeral Home, Gregory Compean, is guiding them through the process of applying for the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. This program is designed to provide financial support for victims and their families in their time of need.

In a time of unimaginable loss, the Uresti family is receiving assistance to help cover funeral expenses and other costs associated with their tragic loss. This support is crucial in helping families navigate the challenges that come with unexpectedly losing a loved one to domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in a dangerous situation, seek help immediately.

In conclusion, Fannie Uresti’s tragic story sheds light on the serious issue of domestic violence and the need for support and resources to help victims and their families navigate the aftermath of such tragedies. This is a stark reminder of the importance of addressing domestic violence and providing assistance to those who need it most.