Home Assault Caught on Camera: Man Controls Alexa During Attack

Indianapolis, Indiana – An alleged sexual assault against a woman in her own home has led to the arrest of a 50-year-old man. David Wagner was apprehended last week and now faces charges of rape, sexual battery, and battery resulting in bodily injury, according to court records. The reported incident occurred on the night of October 11, after the victim invited Wagner for dinner.

Upon arrival, Wagner reportedly attempted to kiss the victim, who declined his advances. Later in the evening, he allegedly asked her to touch his genitals, to which she again refused. The victim asserted that she had invited Wagner to spend the night under the understanding that they would both remain clothed and abstain from sexual activity.

Despite the victim’s repeated protests and pleas for him to stop, Wagner allegedly proceeded to forcibly remove her clothing and sexually assaulted her. Even more disturbingly, during the attack, he even directed the victim’s voice-activated assistant, Alexa, to turn off the lights. Surveillance footage captured by the victim’s Ring doorbell camera purportedly shows parts of the assault, with Wagner throwing the victim onto the living room couch and removing her pants as she yelled “No” multiple times.

Following the incident, Wagner apologized to the victim before leaving through the front door, as she yelled and cursed at him for attacking her. The victim promptly disclosed the assault to two individuals, one of whom claims to have confronted Wagner about his actions. Wagner allegedly acknowledged his mistake and expressed his intention to turn himself into authorities.

Wagner was arrested on December 15 and subsequently released on a $15,000 bond, requiring the use of a GPS ankle monitor and forbidding contact with the victim. He is scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial conference on February 21.

The case highlights the importance of personal safety and consent, underscoring the need for ongoing conversations about preventing sexual assault. Law enforcement authorities are urging individuals to be vigilant and report any instances of sexual violence or abuse.