Young Mother of Four Brutally Killed – Shooter Remains at Large

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Police are searching for the person behind a shooting in Fort Lauderdale that left a pregnant mother dead. According to Fort Lauderdale Police, Shambre Boyd, 23, was fatally shot outside an apartment complex. Family members of a young pregnant woman who tragically lost her life this week gathered in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday to raise funds for her funeral expenses. The 22-year-old mother of four toddlers was killed in a shooting incident outside an apartment complex on NW 3rd Court, leaving her loved ones devastated.

The details surrounding the early morning shooting remain unclear, and the Fort Lauderdale Police are currently seeking any leads that could help identify the suspects. As the investigation continues, the Boyd family is grappling with the profound loss of Shambre while also facing the challenge of explaining her absence to her four young children.

Tatiana Boyd, the victim’s sister, expressed her deep sorrow, emphasizing how much she relied on her sister for support. She mourned, “I ain’t got her no more. I could always count on my sister, but I can’t count on her no more ’cause she gone.”

Residents near the crime scene have recounted the terrifying moments of the incident. Elizabeth Hall, who lives in the area, described the sound of gunshots ringing out and the chilling calm that followed. She pointed out the bullet holes left behind in a parked car as a stark reminder of the violence that occurred.

The tragedy has not only shaken Shambre’s family but also the local community. Aline Jackson, the victim’s cousin, issued a heartfelt plea to the shooter, warning them that justice would eventually catch up to them. Jackson asserted, “You might not get dealt with today, tomorrow, next month, next year. But you are going to have your time when you will have to see a judge or will have to see God about the actions you did.”

In the midst of their grief, the Boyd family is enduring the difficult task of supporting Shambre’s children and helping them comprehend the loss of their mother. Tatiana Boyd shared the pain her 5-year-old niece is experiencing, along with the confusion felt by the other children who may not fully grasp the reality of their mother’s absence until they are older.