Gunman Fatally Shoots NYPD Officer During Traffic Stop Escalation

Massapequa Park, New York – A NYPD officer from Long Island was shot and killed during a traffic stop that turned deadly in Far Rockaway, according to an NYPD official. Officer Jonathan E. Diller, a three-year veteran of the force, lost his life after being shot in the torso while engaging in a struggle over the suspect’s car door with a passenger seated in a Kia.

The tragic incident unfolded on Monday night, leaving the city mourning the loss of Officer Diller, who was the first NYPD officer to be killed in the line of duty since 2022. Mayor Eric Adams expressed his sorrow over Diller’s death, emphasizing the impact of the loss on the city and its police force.

As details of the shooting emerged, it was revealed that the suspects involved, Guy Rivera, the alleged shooter, and Lindy Jones, the driver, both had extensive criminal backgrounds. Rivera, who is currently hospitalized, has a history of arrests, including charges of reckless endangerment and drug possession. Jones, on the other hand, has faced charges of attempted murder and possessing a loaded weapon.

The events leading up to the shooting paint a picture of a tense situation escalating quickly. Diller’s attempt to conduct a routine traffic stop ended tragically as Rivera fired a shot, fatally injuring the officer. Despite the danger he faced, Diller heroically continued to try to disarm the shooter, demonstrating his dedication to his duty and commitment to protecting the public.

The community gathered in solemn remembrance outside a Massapequa funeral home as Diller’s body was brought in. The NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban paid tribute to Diller, offering prayers and support to his family and colleagues during this difficult time.

With investigations ongoing and questions lingering about the circumstances of the shooting, families on both sides of the tragedy seek answers and understanding. As the city grapples with the loss of another officer in the line of duty, the impact of such senseless violence on individuals and communities is deeply felt. As the community mourns Officer Diller’s passing, the NYPD stands united in honoring his memory and service to the city.