Father of Minneapolis 12-Year-Old Shooting Accomplice Pleads Guilty in Court

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – A father has pleaded guilty to charges related to his involvement in a shooting incident that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old boy in North Minneapolis. Letterance Grady, 42, entered his plea on Friday, admitting to aiding an offender and concealing to avoid arrest in connection to the death of London Bean.

According to court records, Grady’s son, Jeremiah Grady, then 18 years old, was responsible for the shooting that took place in the Sumner-Glenwood neighborhood on September 8, 2021. The incident occurred when Jeremiah fired shots at Bean during a fight with his younger brother. Bean sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen and later died in the hospital.

Initially, Letterance denied his involvement, but surveillance videos and his son’s statement indicated his role in the crime. Prosecutors charged Letterance with multiple felonies, including aiding and abetting second-degree murder, and he was scheduled to stand trial in January 2024. However, just days before the trial was set to begin, he submitted a change of plea. His sentencing is scheduled for February 5, and he faces a possible 10 years behind bars under the terms of the plea agreement.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah Grady was sentenced in August to 30.5 years for second-degree murder and 15.25 years for attempted second-degree murder in the deadly shooting of Bean. The case serves as a tragic reminder of the consequences of violence and the need for accountability in the criminal justice system.