Doorbell camera documents mother’s violent attack on son

SUNRISE, Fla. – A mother in Sunrise, Florida, is facing charges of child abuse after a disturbing incident was caught on camera. During a brutal beating, the woman threw her 6-year-old son out of her car by his hair and struck him with a booster seat during a brutal beating. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon near Sunset Strip and 105th Lane.

According to state prosecutors, 47-year-old Pamela Gaensel claimed she was disciplining her child by spanking him. However, surveillance audio captured Gaensel yelling obscenities and slapping the young boy on the side of the road. Witnesses reported seeing the child with marks on his back from being slapped, as well as multiple bruises on his face, arm, and palms.

Authorities confirmed the allegations after reviewing surveillance video from a nearby home. The footage showed Gaensel repeatedly harming her son, even after he pleaded for her to stop. The attack occurred while the child’s 7-year-old brother and another young sibling were in the vehicle.

Gaensel was arrested and charged with child abuse without great bodily harm. She appeared in Broward bond court on Thursday, where her bond was set at $5,000. Gaensel posted bail after the hearing and has been released. Additionally, she has been ordered to have no contact with her son unless authorized by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Following Gaensel’s arrest, the three children were placed in the custody of their father. Authorities are currently investigating the case, which has raised concerns about the well-being of the children involved.

The Sunrise Police Department has not released the video of the attack.