DeSantis Is Becoming The Left Worst Nightmare As He Doubles Down On School Board Success

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is carrying on his campaign against woke education in the wake of his landslide victory in the 2022 midterm elections.

DeSantis shared a picture from the “The Freedom Blueprint” Education Agenda School Board Retreat he hosted on Tuesday. The photo depicted him addressing a room full of conservative and DeSantis-friendly members of the school board and possible contenders for the 2024 election. According to DeSantis, historic victories in important school board races were because Republican candidates stood up for parents’ rights & student achievement. The statement was a caption for this photo of his overwhelming victory in the 2022 midterm elections for school board seats.

If that wasn’t enough, DeSantis tweeted something that should give the left heart attack, “I look forward to helping school board candidates in the 2024 cycle!”

In addition to DeSantis’s overwhelming success in the midterm elections, all but six of the thirty school board candidates he sponsored also prevailed. This demonstrates his educational accomplishment, and he anticipates the election of more conservative politicians who support parental rights to the school board in 2024. DeSantis is correct that his tremendous political victory in these contests may be attributed to his advocacy for parental involvement in their children’s education.

Parents have had it with schools indoctrinating their children in woke politics through explicit sex education and critical racial theory. When they try to communicate their concerns to local school boards, they are tired of being labeled extremists.

Among political figures, DeSantis is one of the most outspoken advocates for parental rights in this climate of hostility. Earlier this year, he signed into law the Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits public schools in Florida from teaching sexuality to young students. Those who opposed it called it the “Don’t Say Gay” measure at the time.

He was unmoved by the objections from influential lobbying and business groups. The Disney company was the most vociferous in its opposition to the law, and as a result, DeSantis withdrew Disney’s self-governing status.

The subject of parental rights in schools has been a winning one at the polls for more than just DeSantis. Virginia’s gubernatorial contest was won by Glenn Youngkin, who ran on a platform of safeguarding parental rights in the classroom.

On the other hand, Republican Tom Horne was elected superintendent of public schools in Arizona. That “empower parents by ensuring complete transparency to their child’s education” was his top priority.

For a long time, the left has had a near-iron grip on the field of education, but things are starting to change against them. Now that two governors have been elected on a platform of parental rights, conservative candidates for public education posts are seeing significant gains.

And if the recent event held by DeSantis is any indicator, conservatives may be on the verge of further triumphs in the education sector in 2024. The left should be running, afraid.