Controversy at KFC: Hero Employee Fired?

BEECH GROVE, IN – A surprising turn of events has unfolded in Beech Grove, Indiana, where a 17-year-old employee of a local KFC restaurant claims he was dismissed from his job just two days after aiding a coworker who was shot while on duty. Drew Gardner, who was scheduled to work on Saturday, is now left questioning the circumstances surrounding his sudden unemployment.

Gardner had been hailed as a hero for his quick thinking and action following the shooting of a fellow employee at the KFC branch on South Emerson Avenue. The incident occurred on Tuesday when a former employee allegedly shot a current staff member in the head. The news of the shooting sent shockwaves through the local community, and Gardner’s act of bravery in the face of such violence was widely recognized.

However, the restaurant had reopened on Thursday, and Gardner’s mother, Trisha Sears, decided to visit the site. Sears wanted to discuss the incident privately with the general manager, but her request was denied. The conversation occurred in the lobby, in front of customers, and escalated into a heated argument. Sears subsequently called the police to the scene.

An officer arrived and spoke to Sears, who explained her son’s involvement in the shooting incident. The officer then went inside the restaurant to retrieve Gardner’s worker’s compensation paperwork. Upon his return, he relayed a message from the general manager to Sears, stating that Gardner’s services were no longer required at the restaurant and that her presence on the premises was considered trespassing.

Gardner expressed his disappointment over his dismissal but stood by his actions. He stated, “I feel like a life is worth more than a job. So I’d rather lose my job than have him die.” His words reflect the courage and selflessness he displayed during the shooting incident.

In response to the incident, KFC Corporation clarified that the Beech Grove restaurant is operated by an independent franchisee solely responsible for hiring and firing decisions. They further stated that according to the franchisee, Gardner is still employed at the restaurant and has not been terminated. This statement contradicts Gardner’s claims, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

In a twist of events, the Beech Grove KFC was closed again on Friday due to sanitary issues identified by the Marion County Health Department. The restaurant is expected to reopen on Monday. This development adds to the ongoing controversy surrounding the restaurant and its management.

As the story continues to unfold, the community awaits further information on the shooting incident, Gardner’s employment status, and the future of the KFC outlet in Beech Grove.