Grizzly Discovery: Body Found in Bag Alongside Busy Roadway

OLD MILL CREEK, IL – The Lake County Coroner’s Office has identified the body found in a discarded bag on the side of a road in northern Illinois as Megan Lewis, a 39-year-old woman from Chicago. The coroner has determined that Lewis died from strangulation.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation into this disturbing homicide case, but many questions remain unanswered. Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli hoped that someone with information about the incident would come forward. The authorities are now focusing on reviewing missing person reports and will expand their search to include surrounding counties and states if necessary.

One local commuter, Janet Whitmore, mentioned seeing something suspicious at the roadside while driving to work early on Wednesday morning. Initially thinking it was a pile of garbage or a dead deer, she continued. It wasn’t until later that multiple drivers called 911 to report the discovery of a body. When Whitmore realized what she had driven by earlier, she was shocked and disturbed.

Deputy Chief Covelli assured the public that the Lake County Sheriff’s Department is doing everything possible to gather more information about the situation. The investigation is treating the case as a homicide and has confirmed that the woman’s body was found on the shoulder of Hunt Club Road, partially concealed by a garbage bag.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports a passerby called 911 at about 7 a.m. to report a possible body. Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputy chief Christopher Covelli told Patch that investigators believe the woman, who appeared to have some facial trauma, was murdered. Her body was found along the side of the road sometime in the early morning hours.

At this stage, authorities have not disclosed the specific cause of death, but according to the coroner, the cause of death was consistent with strangulation. Investigators are currently in the process of trying to contact the victim’s family.

The exact time when the body was left at the roadside remains uncertain, although Whitmore believes it was before 3 a.m. The police urge anyone with relevant information to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

As of Friday morning, no one had been arrested in connection with her death, according to Covelli. “Detectives have been able to speak with members of the victim’s family and continue making progress,” Covelli said.