Biden Shameful and Out of Touch: Compared Asylum-Seeking Migrants to Jews in The Holocaust.

President Biden faced criticism for drawing parallels between asylum-seeking immigrants and Jews escaping Nazi Germany.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, conservative commentator Mark Levin responded to Biden’s comments by calling them disgusting and awful, adding that the corrupt media has been silent.

Biden’s comments came on Thursday in response to a journalist who asked the President whether he believed migration is a human right.

President Biden replied that he thinks it should be a human right to protect one’s family from persecution. It was considered a basic human right to ensure that Jews in Germany escaped the country and sought safety elsewhere.

However, many who cross the border illegally or request asylum have been criticized for being anything but guiltless victims.

On Thursday, Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs tweeted that Biden had equated illegal aliens (criminals who are terrorists, drug traffickers, and bad actors) to Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Thinking that these two situations are even remotely similar is what is stopping Americans from doing what’s right when it comes to border security.

Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) echoed these sentiments, saying that border patrol agents had arrested terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers, and members of cartels at the border. Biden associating his increase in illegal immigration with Jews escaping Nazi Germany is a disgusting and out-of-touch comparison.

President Biden has scheduled the first trip of his term amid the controversial comparison now that incidents at the southern border have reached an all-time high. Ahead of his trip, Biden proposed an expansion of a program started during the pandemic that provides border officials the authority to reject illegal immigrants.

A lengthy asylum process begins with applications. Biden has pushed for more funding for asylum processing.

President Biden stated that he firmly believes there are not many places where people would rather live than in the United States.

Biden claimed that increased funds for the border are essential and that no one knows this better than Vice President Harris, who had been tasked with determining the cause of the current influx of people to the border, an area she last visited in 2021.

The President also brought to light the impending expiration of Title 42, which gives border agents the authority to refuse entry to migrants. He later said border officials would be forced to implement ‘Title 9,’ but after that clarified that he meant ‘Title 8,’ the law that declares anyone in the United States illegally or without permission to be deported immediately.

President Biden clarified that those planning to enter the United States from Cuba, Nicaragua, or Haiti could not simply show up at the border and begin their journey. They need to remain in their own country and apply legally.