Accidental Discharge from Dane Gun Results in Tragic Deaths of Children in Taraba Village

Jalingo, Taraba State – Three children tragically lost their lives in Didango Geita village, Karim Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State, due to what the police suspect was an accidental discharge from a dane gun. The state’s Commissioner of Police, David Iloyonomon, clarified that the incident was not caused by an explosion from Improvised Explosive Devices as previously speculated by villagers.

According to Iloyonomon, the gunpowder from the dane gun unexpectedly exploded while the children were playing. Unfortunately, three children died on the spot, while four others sustained injuries and are currently receiving treatment at the state specialist hospital in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State. The deaths were a result of pellets from the dane gun embedded in their bodies.

Upon receiving the information, the police swiftly deployed the anti-bomb unit to investigate the scene. Despite initial fears of an explosive device, the police found no traces of dynamite or IEDs, solidifying their belief that the incident was indeed an accidental discharge from the dane gun. The investigation is ongoing to uncover more details surrounding the tragic event.

Further examination by the E.O.D unit disclosed that the recovered pellets were typically used in combination with gunpowder to create ammunition for dane guns. The witness who reported the incident, Danjuma Audu, confirmed that the deceased children were playing on a tree in the farm, while the injured children were on the ground at the time of the incident. This evidence further supports the theory that it was not an explosion caused by IEDs or dynamite.

The three children who lost their lives were identified as 11-year-old Miracle Danjuma, 12-year-old Liyacheyan Bitrus, and 11-year-old Kefas Bitrus. The four children who sustained injuries were named Joseph Danjuma (8), Leah Aluda (8), Godbless Hassan (7), and Christian Hassan (7). The police continue to investigate the circumstances that led to the tragic accident in Didango Geita village.