Woman Convicted in Accidental Infant Death Sentenced to 10 Years Probation

WAUSAU, Wis. – After agreeing to a plea deal, a 26-year-old woman from Wausau, now residing in Texas, has been sentenced to 10 years of probation in connection with the death of her 3-month-old child. If she violates the terms of her probation, she will face a year in jail, according to officials. The case stems from an incident on March 30, 2020, when emergency responders were called to the woman’s home in Wausau after her infant was found unresponsive and not breathing.

An investigation revealed that the woman had invited two men to her home and had been drinking and using marijuana with one of them. She then placed her 3-month-old baby in bed with them before waking up the next day to find the child unresponsive. Despite being educated and warned against co-sleeping with her infant, the woman had been provided with warnings and educational materials on safe sleeping habits by medical professionals.

An autopsy later determined the cause of death as accidental asphyxia associated with an unsafe sleeping environment. As part of her sentencing, the woman will have to complete parenting classes, maintain employment, and is prohibited from working in childcare.

This case highlights the serious consequences of unsafe sleeping practices for infants and the importance of following the guidance provided by medical professionals. The tragic outcome serves as a reminder of the potential risks of co-sleeping with newborns and the responsibility of parents to create a safe sleeping environment for their children. The woman’s sentence reflects efforts to ensure she receives the necessary support and education to prevent similar tragedies in the future.